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Location:  2548 Ardmore Ave. Hermosa Beach, California, United States of America 90254.

Client:  withheld

Site Area: 7,956 sq ft / 0.08 hectares Size: 2,734 gross sq ft / 253.99 gross sq m

Program:  This newly remodeled 1952 bungalow of now, 3,025 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, located in Hermosa Beach, California, yields a semi traditional formed home. Through the specification of thoughtful materials, and incorporating sustainable concepts, utilizes a condition, and environment that is both warm and welcoming.

Using the same exact footprint of the existing home, we integrated new structural grade beams and steel columns to support the new second floor addition. The use of our 5 principles of architecture were used in every phase. An indoor/outdoor relationship was achieved through the use of NANA doors, from the front to the rear of the home, all the way to the back yard. This allows the prevailing coastal breezes to circulate through the two volume space. Materials were carefully selected, for the concerns of maintenance and the longevity of the products.

The driveway and the backyard were purposefully left as an open space, used for the integration of play and the experiential quality of grass and gravel to give the context of the spaces a unique quality.


Design: 2013, Construction: TBD

Type: residential/remodel

Project Team

Design + Build: hu mn lab,+inc.

General Contractor: TBD

Structural/MEP Engineer: Paul Christensen, C.E., S.E.

Green Roof: Justin Ewart/AAWRP

Photography: TBD