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Location:  2874 19th St. Santa Monica, California, United States of America 90892.

Client:  withheld

Site Area: .8 acres / 0.32 hectares Size: 11,050 gross sq ft / 1,026.57 gross sq m

Program:  This is a an existing 1942, second home for the client. The site is 11,050 sq. ft. The Existing home is a mere 1400 sq. ft. The program is to add four thousand square feet, and a second level. To do this, the module was repeated, to keep with the existing buildings structure. On the skin, the exterior street facade will be wrapped with operable screen derived from a tree canopy image that was vectorized by using an orthogonal series of intentional varying size holes, that was generated from a complicated computer algorithm. Curb appeal is a big focus, on this project. The addition of new aluminum windows, a new entry condition, new stucco, and a roof, eliminating the old copping, and a fresh paint job, will tie the project into one aesthetic. The addition of skylights, and two large sliders, that will share the same guide track will allow the new xeriscape yard to enter into the home.

This project is in the SD (schmatic design) stage.

Design: 2014, Construction: TBD

Type: residential modern/remodel

Project Team

Design + Build: hu mn lab,+inc.

General Contractor: Sean Icaza, Construction, Inc.

Structural/MEP Engineer: Paul Christensen, C.E., S.E.

Soils Engineer: Jonathan Miller, CEG Bay Cities Geology

Green Roof: Justin Ewart/AAWRP

Photography: Chad Boyer