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Location:  212 38th Pl. Manhattan Beach, California, United States of America 90266.

Client:  withheld

Site Area: 3,750 sq ft / 0.03 hectares Size: 2,734 gross sq ft / 253.99 gross sq m

Program: This family asked for a home that incorporated everything that comes in a full sized lot, in just a half lot, plus a yard.

The program consisted of a two bedroom, and two full baths, along with a great room. the real trick to this program is providing a yard in the El Porto section of Manhattan Beach. What was done, was to use the same recycled concrete, from the old slab, and extend it into the rear of the house, and offset the garage to have canted overhangs, which now creates the rear as the front, and the double loaded garage doors help the space feel lager than it is, per square foot.

Also, used is a steel pan green painted wrap that fronts the alley on 38th Pl., and wraps around the east side of the home, and leads you to the entry, where you’ll find a fire pit, a mature birch tree, and grass, growing in between the recycled concrete, a space that is calming and inviting.

The addition of two skylights, and two large sliders, that will share the same guide track will allow the new xeriscape yard to enter into the home, as well as letting natural light filter into the space.

Design: 2013, Construction: 2013-2014

Type: residential modern

Project Team

Design + Build: hu mn lab,+inc.

General Contractor: Ha Construction

Structural/MEP Engineer: Paul Christensen, C.E., S.E.

Photography: Chad Boyer