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Location: 90 7th Street, San Francisco, California, United States of America 94103

Client: United States General Services Administration Region 9

Site Area: 2.1 acres / 0.8 hectares Size: 605,000 gross sq ft / 56,205 gross sq m

Program: “…without an active sidewalk life, without the frequent, serendipitous interactions of many people, there is no public accquaintances, no foundation of public trust, no cross connections with the necessary people-and no practiceor ease in applying the most ordniary techniques of publiclife at lowly levels.”

-malcolm gladwell on jane jacobs the death + life of great american cities. from “deisngs for working”-new yorker december 11, 2000, pgs, 60-70.

Broadly understood, this project has developed around three primary objectives: the establishment of a benchmark for sustainable building design through the effient use of natural energy resources; the redefinition of the culture of the workplace through office enviroments that boost workers’ health, productivity, as well as creativity; and the creation of an urban land mark that engages with the community.

A slender 18-story tower puntuates the skyline, and a public plaza and a four-story annex connect to the scale and fabric of the city. the large open plaza at the intersections of mission + 7th is a valuable asset in the south-of-market district. identified by the city as deficient in public spaces, the plaza lends a much needed space for gathering.the placement of the free standing cafeteria pavilion and the public natureof the facilities housed within the towers lower levels (including conference center, fitness center, + public day care center) enliven the urban plaza with a steady and much needed stream of visitors.

Design: 2000 – 2003, Construction: 2003 – 2007

Type: Governmental

Project Team:

Executive Architect: Smith Group

Construction Manager: Hunt Construction Group

Structural/MEP Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners

Civil Engineer: Brian Kangas Foulk

Architectural Lighting: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.

Collaborative Artist: Rupert Garcia, Hung Liu, Ed Ruscha, Raymond Saunders, James Turrell, William Wiley

Code Consultant: Rolf Jensen Associates

General Contractor: Dick-Morganti Joint Venture  JJR

Landscape Architect: Richard Haag Associates Inc.

Signage and Graphics: Kate Keating Associates

Acoustical Engineer: Thorburn Associates

Cost Estimator: Davis Langdon Adamson

Vertical Transportation: Hesselberg, Keessee & Associates, Inc.

Curtain Wall Consultant: Curtain Wall Design & Consulting, Inc.

Geotechnical Consultant: Geomatrix

Blast Consultant: Hinman Consulting Engineers

Natural Ventilation Modeling: Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory