Sechoir+ /


Location: 1121 Montana Ave Santa Monica, California, United States of America 94103

Client: withheld

Site Area: .8 acres / 0.32 hectares Size: 950 gross sq ft / 88.25 gross sq m

Program: This is a tenant improvement project, located on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, CA. Sechoir+, pronounced “seh-shwahr”, is simply translated in French, as “dryer”. This is a salon/dry bar. The aesthetic is a contrast of traditional French provincial, and modern design. Using a folded plane that penatrates through the space, allows for a unique back light work environment, coupled with warm and flattering task lighting, provides for a space that is both inviting and exciting to be enjoyed while siping a glass of french wine.

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Design: 2012, Construction: 2012

Type: tenant improvement

Project Team

Design + Build: hu mn lab,+inc.

General Contractor: Sean Icaza, Construction, Inc.

Structural/MEP Engineer: Paul Christensen, C.E., S.E.

Photography: Chad Boyer