the_Noir house /

the_Noir house /


108 Via Sego.
Redondo Beach, CA. 90277
United States of America

site area_
8,817 sq ft / 0.0819 hectares
site size_
4300 gross sq ft / 399.48 gross sq m
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construction date_


This is an existing 1951, four bedroom, three bath, weathered ranch farm home, with an attached two car garage. The program is to add 500 sq. ft. to the existing home, on the ground level, adding the master bedroom and master bathroom, on the new second floor addition, totaling 1,817 sq ft, as well as relocating the entire second floor over the existing first level. A complete new approach to the exterior using new stucco, vertical wood slates, all new doors and windows, and all new xeriscape front and backyard, allowing very low water usage, as well as very little maintenance.

The additions, exterior is cladded in a vertical ash members, hung on a rain screen system that allows the wood to expand and contract naturally, while the white new smooth steel troweled stucco under, keeps the U value and vapor barrier secure.

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The addition of 2 new 15 foot wide, 10 foot tall pocket doors, allows for an interior to exterior relationship that passively cools the home along with the use of the homes several strategically located skylights, and courtyard. The open plan and the use of the homes exterior materials, used on the inside, blurs the users ideals from what truly is the outside versus the inside.

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The newly created courtyard, facing west, invites the sun into the home, while, the passive breezes, from the Pacific Ocean, acts as the homes AC system. As the trade winds cross over the water to the west, the hot air will cool, and invert while entering into the home, cooling it, just like the convection cycle. New green xeroscape allows the home grounds to be extremely low maintenance, and care free.

+ credits /

  • Design + Build: humnlab+ architecture /
  • General Contractor: Harris, Construction, Inc. + humnlab+ architecture /
  • Structural/MEP Engineer: MMSE Engineering, Mike Martineze, C.E., S.E.
  • Soils Engineer: Terradyne Environmental, A. Wahab (SAM) Noori, P. E. QSD
  • Civil Engineer: T Engineering Group, Inc., Quang Tran, P.E.
  • Green Roof: Justin Ewart/AAWRP
  • Photography: DNA_Photography