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Location: 3232 Washington Ave. St. Louis MO, United States of America 63101

Client: EYOB Global Foundation

Site Area: 13,091 sq ft / 0.12 hectares Size: 104,728 gross sq ft / 9,729.55 gross sq m

Program: “…without an active sidewalk life, without the frequent, serendipitous interactions of many people, there is no public accquaintances, no foundation of public trust, no cross connections with the necessary people-and no practiceor ease in applying the most ordniary techniques of publiclife at lowly levels.”

-malcolm gladwell on jane jacobs the death + life of great american cities. from “deisngs for working”-new yorker december 11, 2000, pgs, 60-70.

Founder of the_EYOB (Embrace Your Own Beauty), André L. Villa,  simply states his and the non profits mission statement as such-

To educate the public about perceptions of beauty and body image and to promote self-esteem and acceptance by eliminating body-shaming, prejudice and discrimination.

To provide this education through workshops, lectures, events, written, audio and video materials, training, conferences and other media formats as well as through utilizing social media channels and website(s) to provide studies, facts, statistics and motivational materials.

To engage in social justice and other activities focusing on women, girls and the disadvantaged, by sending out trained representatives, motivational coaches and teachers to raise social consciousness in order to reduce discrimination, bullying and inequity due to body-type, gender, age, race, class and culture.

Having such a vacant lot, allows us to take advantage of the opportunities to have a multi-mix use project. We will share a newly constructed 320 car parking structure with the St. Louis Tabernacle Baptists Church. This allocation of parking will also provide sufficient parking for the eight story building housing 11 privately purchased town homes, along with ground level commercial spaces along N Leonard Ave. engaging the pedestrian traffic.

A 35′ tall elm tree will be planted on the 6th floor jutting up and above the roof line, creating multiple zones of open and outdoor space, and engaging the both private and public roof gardens. A skip stop elevator/vertical transportation system allows for the common stair well not to be so common anymore. This will allow opportunities for personal and impromptu interactions that might not otherwise happen the confines of the standard elevator system.


Design: 2018-2019, Construction: 2020

Type: development

Project Team:

Executive Architect: Smith Group

Construction Manager: TBD

Structural/MEP Engineer: TBD

Civil Engineer: TBD

Architectural Lighting: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.

Collaborative Artist: TBD

Code Consultant: Rolf Jensen Associates

General Contractor: TBD

Landscape Architect: Richard Haag Associates Inc.

Signage and Graphics: Kate Keating Associates

Acoustical Engineer: Thorburn Associates

Cost Estimator: TBD

Vertical Transportation: TBD

Curtain Wall Consultant: Curtain Wall Design & Consulting, Inc.

Geotechnical Consultant: Geomatrix

Natural Ventilation Modeling: Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory