{We are a design + build lab}:


  • This means that there is one point of contact for our client, US. There is no breakdown in the process from design to the built environment, because we do both, to ensure that every detail and every material is resolved to the highest level possible. Our clients come to us because there is no confusion or finger pointing, about who is doing what and why. We take pride in all that we do, so there is no exception to the rule.


  • hu mn lab,+inc. sets a standard that others follow. We lead rather than follow. We do this by implementing the most progressive and advanced computer aided design, called B.I.M., building information modeling. We build the “project” from the ground up, in the computer, which allows for the least, minimal amounts of error, with both the overall design, and our interaction with our sub contractors.


  • We implement five concepts in our overall design philosophy.

             There but not there emphasis of materials of transparency.

             Inside/outside relationship, of both material and space.

             Parallelism of site to building context.

             the principle of offsetting, to give materials scope and depth.

             lastly, context of mass to the overall concept of the project.

By implementing these five principles, in every design we do, and keeping true to our philosophy, we can guarantee both a provocative design, and an over all smooth process from conception through construction administration.