Architect in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is such a gem of a city and finding an architect that knows the area is important to making your new home or addition work within the context of the city and its neighborhood. Whether you’re driving up Artesia heading to Dave’s Olde Book Shop or speeding down PCH to get to Phanny’s before the lines get long, there’s always something interesting to see in Redondo.

I’ve lived and worked as humnlab+ architecture as an architect in Redondo Beach for over 10 years and have designed homes and buildings here. When thinking about your home, you should probably think about how you’re going to spend your time in your home. Designing a home gives you the opportunity to design your life around the space. And when thinking about it in the context of Redondo Beach, you have great weather, beautiful sun, I mean all the Southbay Beach City perks. So we should be thinking about things like natural light and how to create outdoor spaces that allow you to take advantage of the wonderful weather that you experience in Redondo Beach. You know what you shouldn’t be thinking about? Zoning laws for residential homes in Redondo Beach, that’s what we should be thinking about.

Here are some considerations for building your new home in Redondo Beach:

  1. Climate Resilience: If you’ve bought a home in Redondo Beach, you might notice that the weather is always a bit chillier due to the onshore coastal winds. Redondo Beach, being further west, experiences stronger onshore winds compared to areas like San Pedro, which are shielded by the elevation of Rancho Palos Verdes. This means you won’t get the same type of weather.

    In Redondo Beach, you’ll generally deal with winds, salt in the air, and lots of sun. An architect will consider these factors when choosing materials and designing your home. Durable, corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel and treated woods are essential. Depending on your style, you might be interested in modern amenities like a rooftop garden.

    As a modern architect in Southern California, humnlab+ creates passive design systems that take advantage of the wonderful beach city climates. For instance our Noir House, has a wonderful cooling feature that takes advantage of the offshore breeze.

    This home in Redondo beach has a pool on the west side of the house that acts as a giant air conditioner for the house. When the wind passes over the pool which is elevated, the wind cools the interior of the house. We designed the house with bi-folding doors in the back facing the pool and we created an escape for hot air by installing an operable skylight above the main stairwell.
  2. Natural Light and Views: The views, the views, the views! With great weather and the opportunity to hire an architect to build your home, it’s the perfect time to think about how you’d like to design your life and the spaces you will inhabit. When you hire an architect from Redondo Beach or the Beach Cities, you’ll have the chance to collaborate closely and discuss the type of shared common areas you want.
    Via Del Monte has a stunning view overlooking the Queen’s Necklace.

    An experienced local architect will help you maximize natural light and create strategic blocking to avoid unsightly views, like a neighbor’s collection of rotting classic cars. These considerations are essential for creating a beautiful and enjoyable living space. An architect familiar with the area will guide you in making the best choices to fully enjoy your home.
  3. Sustainability: As an architect in Redondo Beach, and even just living in the area, I feel like I care about the environment more because of how special the city feels to me. Whether you’re grabbing breakfast burritos and heading to El Porto to see the crazy Thanksgiving waves break or your heading to PV to hike a trail, Redondo Beach and the beach cities writ large offer some real beautiful places I’d like to preserve. And as an architect in Redondo Beach I love to maximize the efficiency of a home.

    From choosing the right air conditioning systems and strategically placing windows to cool spaces, to incorporating solar panels or implementing efficient water systems, an architect can help you make intelligent, sustainable choices. Having an expert (read humnlab+ architecture) architect by your side ensures that your home is both environmentally friendly and comfortable.
  4. Zoning and Regulations: I could go on for hours and hours about zoning and regulations for Redondo Beach and the surrounding beach cities—some more so than others—but I’ll keep it brief here. Building a home today is vastly different from the past. There’s a handful of administrators in each city who, for various reasons, need to verify and implement regulations. Navigating this process on your own can feel Kafkaesque.
    That’s why having an architect who knows the area, the people, and the regulations is crucial. An architect from Redondo Beach, familiar with local zoning laws, can save you time and money by helping you avoid simple yet non-intuitive pitfalls. Our expertise ensures that your building project adheres to all necessary regulations smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Indoor/ Outdoor: You have the rare opportunity to live in one of my favorite climates. As an architect in Redondo Beach, I love pushing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Features like retractable walls, covered patios, and outdoor kitchens work really well in a city like Redondo that gets great sun and stays cool because of the coastal winds.

    It’s a joy to see people living in spaces we’ve designed, where the seamless blend of indoors and outdoors truly enhances their living experience.